“The ants come marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah!” (Or not! Do we extremely celebrate the ants once they are available in by the handfuls, walking through our kitchens and bogs, clutching on to crumbs or dog kibble? We don’t think so!) Ants can come in through the tiniest of holes and can be a real nuisance. Home traps purchased from any grocery or home provide store will work, however typically they really attract a lot of ants to them and so don’t work nearly as expeditiously as a pest control company like, say, Karachi Fumigation Service, for example.
Did you recognize that ants will carry, but are seldom involved in transmission of, diseases on their little feet, diseases just like cockroaches and other pests? Some ants can even sting or bite. And regardless of what, once they are available in lots of, they’re harmful and may harm food and property.
With our ant treatment program, we’ll take care of the nuisance and there shall be no more marching; plus, we will run preventative measures to ensure those ants stay outside and return to the hill from whence they came!

Odorous House Ants

These very little guys area unit the foremost common home hypertension cuss within the Karachi. They have a fantastic appetite and like to nest inside beneath sinks, mats and appliances. Outside, odorous house ants can hide beneath trashcans, plant pots and rocks. They like to eat dead insects and spiders, but again, their favorite factor is something sweet. If you ever happen to squish one among these brown or achromatic ants, they really do have an odor, very similar to cheese cheese. Some people say they smell like rotten coconut, though! Either way, the odor is a defense mechanism against their predators, and when they are under attack, they spray and scatter. Odorous house ants sleep in colonies with staff and queens. They wish to nest close to heat areas, water sources or in insulation.

Velvety Tree Ants

When it involves these ants, it’s best to decision us at once, as velvety tree ants are often aggressive in nature. Like the odorous house pismire, velvety tree associate degreets additionally emit an unpleasant odor after they area unit on the defense. They like to eat sweets, and that they will nest in damp areas, however love trees heaps. Velvety tree ants are known to climb in to homes through a branch of a tree that touches the home. These guys bite, so beware!

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants ar even as their name suggests: they’re carpenters, and that they love dig in wood. Carpenter ants will grow to be quite an in. long, They’re black in color and are nocturnal (sneaky guys!). These pests tunnel through decay wood and soil, and build systems and structures for his or her homes, that destroys the integrity of the fabric they’re dig through. This includes windowsills, wooden decks, roof eaves and more. Their destructive nature can be confused with termites. One issue to notice is that they don’t stray too faraway from their nest; a couple of carpenter ants within the home might not be something to select up the phone for, however if there’s a stream of them within, presumably their nest has been developed in your house. That’s the time to call Karachi Fumigation Service!

Argentine Ants

Argentine ants are difficult to get rid of on your own so it really is necessary for you to call us to help you with this invasive pest. They are maybe to most invasive hymenopteron across the world. They are brown and territorial; evil even, forcing other ants out of their nests. Argentine ants nest in dark and damp areas rather like velvety tree ants. These guys, though, can create themselves a comfortable very little home within your house once it’s cold out. They can get in through the tiniest of cracks and love to eat sweets. Argentine ants will bite, and whereas they aren’t toxic, their bite will cause burning and itch. If you do get bit by an Argentine ant, wash the bite area, avoid scratching it, and try an antihistamine or calamine lotion on the area.

Pharaoh Ants

Be on the lookout for these small, chromatic ants that simply like to live inside. Pharaoh ants make their nests in kitchens, bathrooms and moist, difficult to reach areas. They, not like their relation ants, can feed off of most foods, particularly greasy and fatty foods. They love pet food dishes yet, and to make it really gross, they love to feed off open wounds on pets and humans and have been known to spread bacteria like staph disease. Pharaoh ants square measure tough to urge eliminate on your own. Karachi Fumigation Service has worked with emmet issues for many years and would lief return to your home or business to manage and forestall these nasty pests!

Fire Ants

Fire ants are named after the feeling you get when one bites you—it’s a burning sting feeling, and fire ants will willingly bite anyone or anything that causes them to feel defensive. Fire ants are reddish-brown in color and nest outdoors. They build their nests in dry ground and you’ll notice their crater-like hills around your yard, with a hole at the top where they enter and exit.  If you do get bit by a fire ant, wash the area and try aloe vera or hydrocortisone cream to sooth the burning. If you have an allergic reaction to the fire ant bite, please call or see a medical professional as soon as possible.

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