Residential Services

Pest Control for Homes, Condos, and Apartments
Karachi Fumigation Service is known for its residential pest control expertise: from removal to prevention, we take your bug and rodent issues serious. Our technicians are trained to apply products responsibly and accurately for desired results, and, if you’re on-site, we’re happy to stop for a chat to discuss what we’ve done to ensure your downside stays wherever it belongs: DONE AND GONE!
We have a couple of sorts of services accessible to guard your home and residential structures against unwanted pests: a Monthly management program, each alternative Month program, a Quarterly program, and our One-Shot program. Our goal is to satisfy your needs, no matter which service you select.
Freedom of alternative is vital once selecting a cuss management service. This is why Karachi Fumigation Service cuss management doesn’t need a signed contract. We want you to stay our service due to satisfaction and results, not as a result of you’re tied to a protracted-term contract.
Monthly Pest Removal and Prevention Program
This service isn’t simply a monthly treatment however it’s like associate “insurance policy” that offers you peace of mind. The Monthly management begins with associate initial treatment that consists of associate exterior application if required. Each month thenceforth, the service consists of a foundation application to assist management the ants, earwigs and alternative creeping insects that are available in contact with the treated space. In addition, the eaves are maintained to help keep unwanted spiders and wasps out of your hair. Cobwebs will be removed and wasp nests will be knocked down. Inside service is available upon request.
We do not try to make any unrealistic claims that your property will be “pest-free.” Instead, we focus on protecting your structure and the immediate perimeter. When you are on a Maintenance Program, anytime you have a problem, inside or out, give us a call and we will be there at no extra cost to you. Your complete satisfaction is the goal of our service.
Other Pest Control Maintenance Programs
Karachi Fumigation Service cuss management additionally offers associate Every-Other Month program and a Quarterly program. Each program is intended to fulfill your individual desires. Remember: With Karachi Fumigation Service Pest Control, there is No Fine Print. We want to empower our customers with information and pest education, so YOU can choose how you’d like us to help you. We want you to be proud of our service and therefore the results we offer, and we also want you to be happy with your budget, which is why our pricing is always competitive and fair. Our focus is on providing the best customer experience in the industry. We hope you enjoy our services (and please, let us know if you do)!
Not everyone wants a Maintenance program. That is why we tend to additionally supply a 1-time cuss management service. Our unit of ammunition spray carries a 60-day problem-free guarantee. The service includes an exterior application of the foundation, perimeter, eaves, and decks. An interior treatment extraly} enclosed at no additional charge. Cobwebs will be removed and wasp nests will be knocked down. When the unit of ammunition guarantee expires, you have the option to start Maintenance program without a Clean Out charge. You can begin the continued cuss management service at the upkeep worth and still shield your home. Our unit of ammunition Program carries a 60-day problem-free guarantee. When the unit of ammunition guarantee expires, you have got the choice to start out a Maintenance Program while not a Clean Out charge.

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